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United Nations Students Association Andalucía (UNSA Andalucía)

National Network: 
C/ Imaginero Fernández, nº 19, 1º-D
41008 Seville Seville
0034 633020929
Telephone (other): 
0034 660440694
E-Mail (4): 
Mobile Phone: 
0034 633020929
Mobile Phone (other): 
0034 660440694
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

UNSA Andalucia is a regional federation with various locations spread throughout the Andalusian community in Spain, its main location being Seville. As a federation, it counts on three local delegations in the cities of Seville, Malaga and Granada.

The Federation leadership relies on a Regional Executive Board of Directors, staffed as follows:


  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Regional Training Director
  • Institutional Relations Director
  • Financial and Legal Director
  • Organization and Quality Director
  • Secretary

Each UNSA local delegation has a unique legal personality (as well as the federation itself), and it’s staffed as follows:


  • President
  • Vice-President (Optional)
  • Regional Training Responsible
  • Institutional Relations Responsible
  • Secretary

The number of regional charges may vary depending on the needs of the delegations, and their dependence on the federation of UNSA Andalusia.

The Delegations of UNSA Andalucía are tied to the federation legally.

UNSA Andalucía acts as a catalyser for major events and activities considered to be better developed at a regional level, coordinating resources of every UNSA delegation. It develops its annual planning in conjunction with every UNSA delegation in the three major cities mentioned above, being one of its priorities to help every delegation achieve their own goals in terms of activities putting resources at their disposition.

Each UNSA delegation contributes with a number of affiliates, which numbers are ever-growing, given that the federation encounters itself in a period of expansion. The numbers are distributed as follows:

Seville: 7
Granada: 11
Málaga: 15


  • Budgetary resources available in a year

The fiscal year of 2015 counted on a budgetary estimate of 15.000 euros.


  • Sources of funding

At a regional and state  level, public grants from the Andalusian Youth Institute (AYI) of the Andalusian Department for Equality and Social Well Being, INJUVE.

At an European level, grants from the European Commission on youth, active citizenship and democracy promotion events are on the works for the coming fiscal year (k1, k3..)

UNSA Andalucia also sustains itself financially through the charging of fees to its members, and the delivering of academic programs and courses throughout the year.

  • Modalities of action (concrete projects, exchanges, seminars, scholarships etc.)

Concrete projects - mainly directed to promote activities in consonance with the ODG UN development goals -. Ex: Peace Day Concerts partnering with the Three Cultures Foundation, solidarity breakfasts in conjunction with a number of NGO’s..

Seminars and conferences on topics related to common global issues (inmigration, economy, health, democracy promotion, youth issues..)

Continued education (on debate, communication and international relations matters for the youth).
Structured Dialogues (South European International Model of United Nations)

  • Main partners involved in the organization's projects/activities

UNSA Andalucia enjoys framework agreements on inter-agency collaborations with: The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Andalusian Government (regionally, locally), The Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean, the Real Instituto Elcano, the EuroArab Foundation, UNICEF, etc..

Mission and Objectives: 

UNSA Andalucia’s mission is to increase the interest of the Andalusian youth in politics, international relations, communication and oratory and in the work of international and supranational organizations in general, the United Nations Organization concretely.

As concrete goals, our organization aims:

- To foster the impact of a knowledgeable youth in the development of democracy, representation and civic engagement.

- To help create responsible and ethical leaders of tomorrow. By democratizing access to quality education in the fields of international relations and effective communication.

- To foster the creation of a network of pioneer institutions to develop strategies to improve human development, democracy and the UN ODG goals through networks.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Our main activities can be differentiated into three categories:

  • Structured dialogues for the youth

Our main activity is the South European International Model of United Nations (SEIMUN)
SEIMUN is a United Nations simulation, an international encounter of students from countries the world over, who decide to spend a few days representing a given State at a council of importance in International Relations, assuming the roles of diplomats, ambassadors, and heads of states.

This conference is a fantastic opportunity to see the politicised nature of international politics and bureaucratic operating of the various organisations that try to solve these global problems, including comittees simulating the United Nations Security Council, UNESCO, the World Bank and, for the first time ever, the Union for the Mediterranean (UpM).

The topics adressed throughout the simulation will vary, and tackle multiple issues from developmental aid to Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the ISAF forces to Addressing the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacements in 2015’s edition.

In this year’s edition, we counted +250 delegates, ranging between 18-30 years, coming mainly from the South of Europe and Central Asia.

The first SEIMUN was organised reaching agreements of support with the Union for the Mediterranean (UpM), Tres Culturas Foundation (Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo), ANUE (The Spanish Association for the United Nations, based in Barcelona), Real Instituto Elcano, as well as multiple regional governmental institutions and universities.

The next edition, being the city of Granada the venue, is intended to outgrow Seville’s edition in terms of budgetary resources, participants and support from entities. You can see attached a memory of the event with this application.

  • Education

Continued Courses

We hold a record of continued courses on communication, oratory, and Model of United Nations framework knowledge, which we intend to continue in the next fiscal year. These courses were held in Seville, being the Three Cultures Foundation the main location, and were distributed from October 2015 to April 2016.

This next year every UNSA delegation will have a tailored planning to implement the courses throughout the three cities.

Main Course
We are in the process of implementing and delivering a whole course on International Relations and the United Nations, developing a tailored course syllabus in conjunction with pioneer experts on the subject, to comply with our aim to democratise the expertise on international matters amongst the youth. This course already counts with full institutional support (regional) and will be supported on public grants and the charge of a symbolic fee by its participants. It is intended to launch on February 2016.

  • Activities

- Peace Day Concert partnering with the Three Cultures Foundation and Institutional stakeholders.


- Conference on Immigration and Asylum, partnering with pioneer academic institutions and experts on the subject, to comply with the aim of generating interest amongst the Andalusian youth on international issues.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 
  • UNSA Andalucía has a broad though short experience winning public grants awarded on competitive basis (k1, k3 from the European Comission..)


  • The Assocation also holds experience in dealing with key national and European-level stakeholders to develop multidisciplinary projects, and is keen to partner with Associations and NGO’s from the nationa network to develop projects and activities.


  • UNSA’s team is used to work under high pressure scenarios and is willing to share its best practices to foster action and the creation of a solid spanish ALF network.


  • The entity had managed the creation of a number of succesful structured dialogues at a European and International level developing multidisciplinary partnerships to achieve its aims. We will provide full support to any association within the networks which doesn’t have already the knowledge to create wealthy networks to develop its projects.


  • UNSA Andalucía is an entity managed in its entirety by young people from 19 to 26 years old. We know how to engage the youth in events related to our topics (and those of the network) and can help other entities in doing so.
Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

UNSA Andalucía believes there is a strong compliance between its goals and those of the Foundation. Together, we want to further our steps (and those of the associated entities) in achieving bigger and better projects and activities.

We are planning on having an active and participative rol within the national and the international network, and help to engage the youth (since we ourselves are young) in the consolidation of the network and in the participation in the projects, and to sum up with our ideas and ways of thinking and working.

Additional Information: