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Università degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bo"

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61029 Urbino PU
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Public Institution
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General Information: 

The University of Urbino is located in a magnificent Renaissance city, in the  Unesco’s World Heritage List. It started functioning in 1506, under Pope Julius II. Now it is a medium sized University (13,572 students. International Students are 7% of the total). The students are more than the ordinary inhabitants, so the city appears particularly young and vibrant. The departments are mainly housed in buildings of outstanding architectural interest.
The Urbino University is a world apart, offering to the students - both national and international - the opportunity to live an intense learning experience. The friendly relations with teachers and administrative staff are an important piece of its academic tradition.
The scientific laboratories are mostly  located in a modern  Campus  nearby the city. Some teaching courses are delivered in Pesaro (Oriental languages) and Fano (Biotechnology). Urbino has dormitories and other facilities that even the biggest Italian universities hardly possess.
The responsibility to promote and coordinate the Quality Assurance System is entrusted to a Quality Assurance Commission. The statement (in Italian) is available at the following link: www.uniurb.it/Uborse/presidio_qualita.pdf.
According to the 2015-2016 Italian Ranking Survey (CENSIS), in the evaluation of didactics, the University of Urbino, among all Italian Universities, is ranked 1st in Education, in Sport and Health Sciences and in Pharmacy. In the Evaluation of Research Activities it is ranked 5th in Economics and Statistics.

Mission and Objectives: 

Mission Statement (in English)

The Urbino University is dedicated to transmit knowledge and skills to undergraduate students, stimulate new interpretation and development of knowledge in graduate students, educate individuals for professional careers, provide them with the tools to continue intellectual development over the lifetime.

Hundreds of disciplines are present in our Departments, in the fields from Biology to Physics, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences and Fine Arts, Literature and Foreign Language, Philosophy and Psychology, Mathematics and Informatics. Our teaching activity, from the BA to the MA and Phd courses, is research-driven. We aim to select strong researchers in order to ensure the students the best possible teachers.
University is strictly connected with the economic and social environment of the Marches Region and of central Italy at large. With an intensive program, agreed with regional stakeholders, the Urbino University disseminates research results and translates scientific discovery and technological application into practical knowledge, especially through industry partner

Main Projects / Activities: 

Within the framework of the VII FP the University of Urbino is involved in 10 projects financed by the European Union with a total of almost 3 million euros
In 2014 our University held 8 patents, 6 of which were co-patents held with organizations located in Canada and USA (Mc Gill University and the University of California, Irvine).




How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

The University is disposed to promote research and teaching projects as well as lifelong learning initiatives related to the ALF priorities. It is also willing to co-operate with the other Italian members to inform the general public on the activities of the Network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

The University of Urbino is involved in several Euro-Med activities. It is a member of the Rete Italiana per il Dialogo Euromediterraneo (RIDE-APS). It is one of the four founding members  of the Slovenian Based Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), the flagship academic program of the Union for the Mediterranean. It is also member of UNIMED.