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University College of Applied Sciences

National Network: 
P.O Box. 1415, Own al shawwa street, Gaza ,Palestine
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Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) is a nonprofit public academic institution established in 1998, working under the supervision of Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
UCAS is committed to provide the local Palestinian community with qualified graduates in different vocational and technical specializations, as a part of its rule to serve Palestinian community in different fields.
UCAS has a comprehensive accumulated experience in implementing many added value projects with local and international funding agencies such as UNDP, EU &WB, French Consulate, Al Fakhoora program , Oxfam GB, Mercy Corps, etc., below number of related projects :
1- Implementing " Economic recovery" project through a fund from Oxfam GB , which include many activities such as establishing job advisory center for unemployed graduates.
2- "Step" to habilitate fresh graduates, is a project funded by Welfare Association to engage youth in local labor market , beside upgrading their abilities through a training program.
3-Through a fund from World Bank and European Commission, UCAS implemented a training project to build the capacities of Community Colleges' staff in Gaza Strip, by providing them with special managerial and computer skills.(March, 2009)
4-Implementing Vocational and managerial training for graduates in Gaza strip through project funded by Islamic Relief.( Nov.,2011)

Mission and Objectives: 

The University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza is a Palestinian institution for Applied and Vocational education seeks to serve the Palestinian community and the Arab world and aspires to achieve advancement of the level of scientific and technical education, through the provision of practical academic programs, Scientific research, and community services of high quality, based on Islamic values and teachings.
Strategic Objectives:
1.Empowering institutional performance and upgrading the level of general policy in UCAS
2.Raising the capacity and the performance of the college in the field of applied and vocational education, as well as the scientific research
3.High quality and effective resources management (both human and physical) to support financial stability in the college
4.Improving the educational environment and the teaching and learning methods
5.Development of partnership and cooperation with scientific institutions, research centers and civil society institutions at local, regional and international levels
6.Increase overall capacity of UCAS to contribute to sustainable development and community service
Our vision:
To be within ten years internationally renowned in scientific research, vocational and technical education.

Main Projects / Activities: 

1-Developing Multimedia Specialization to produce Animation & games project in 2008 funded by WB&EU through Quality improvement fund in Higher education Ministry.
2-Step to habilitate graduates in 2009 funded by Welfare Association/Yes program.
3-Improving the Visually Impaired Students opportunities to attain educational resources in 2010 funded by Welfare Association.
4-Working without Boarders in 2009 funded by Consulate de France
5- Capacity Building for local NGOs workers in Gaza strip 2011 funded by UNDP-DEEP
6-Capacity Building for fresh graduates 2011 funded by Islamic relief

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Since establishment UCAS contribute with local community to provide labour market with qualified graduates, and seek to build long term realtions and network with local NGOs working in Arts and cultural activites

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

To contribute in enhancing cultural activites and building new networks with other forigen association, also to have new added value elements to our academic staff