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University of Gent

National Network: 
Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 25
B-9000 Gent
0032 9 264 82 34
Telephone (other): 
0032 9 264 82 39
0032 9 264 83 99
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

Today Ghent University provides teaching and carries out scientific research in all main fields of study (except for theology), spread over 11 faculties and about 134 departments. Almost 28.000 students, including more than 1000 foreign students from 100 countries and 800 exchange students are taught and supervised by almost 6400 members of academic and administrative staff.
At the end of 2005, Ghent University employed 6,400 collaborators. This workforce encompasses 4,762 personnel members sensu stricto, while 1,638 collaborators are externally financed. Total Revenues (2005) 377.514.000 Euro >> 76,3 % Government funding; 4,2 % International organizations; 11,4 % Private sector; 2,7 % Rights, royalties, overhead; 2,5 % enrolment, examinations; 0,2 % Finacial revenues; 1,5 % Real estates; 1 % miscellaneous.

Mission and Objectives: 

1. University education: Ghent University wishes to concentrate its educational activities primarily at the level of academic and continued academic educational programmes. By means of ongoing evaluation of the objectives and quality of the different academic education programmes and by gearing these programmes to the latest scientific and scholarly developments, the university aims to impart a high level of knowledge and skills to its students.
2. Research policy: Ghent University emphasizes high quality fundamental independent research in an international context. This implies that the results of such research will be published in internationally recognized journals and presented at international scientific and academic conference. The academic freedom of the researcher is naturally protected at Ghent University.
3. Technical-scientific service: scientific services must be self-financing and should preferably also produce 'added value' for education and/or basic research

Main Projects / Activities: 

Ghent University offers numerous programs in each of the individual study fields. In 2004, Ghent University granted 8,850 diplomas: 3,266 for the first cycle, 3,478 for the second cycle, 1,092 for a post-graduate academic program, 605 for a teacher training program, 271 doctoral diplomas, and 138 certificates of predoctoral training. The results of the research-promotional policy are translated on various planes. E.g. numerous research projects, the presence of Ghent researchers in scientific journals of high international repute... Also the promotion and support of the valorisation of the research results is one of the policy priorities at the university.
At the end of 2004, the patent portfolio of Ghent University contained 137 patent families owned or co-owned by Ghent University. Validation of this intellectual property was achieved through various channels. In total, there are 31 active validation agreements for the commercial use of patent and software rights, and copyright.