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8 Borochov St
61999 Tel Aviv
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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information: 

ZUMU aims to fill the gap of cultural access and participation in underprivileged communities in the country. It is a diverse cultural hub, conceived as a moving museum (the first in Israel) built entirely of shipping containers, that reaches a new city every three months. It brings the best of Israel's contemporary art scene to the country's peripheries, and develops and operates cultural participatory projects with the objective of engaging the communities it visits, collaborating to enhancing their cultural capital, promoting their values, identity and artistic creativity.
The organization has a staff of seven people, and is currently looking for funding in order to launch its activities in the spring of 2017, in the Negev. We are proud of having as our partners the municipalities of Sderot and Yeruham, the Matnassim of Yeruham, OutBox and Tnuat Or. We have pending fundings from The Beracha Foundation, Negev Placemaking Challenge and UNESCO.

Mission and Objectives: 

ZUMU believes that a museum is a place to be creative, to be inspired and to connect to others. ZUMU will visit a collection of locations around Israel which lie on Israel’s seamline of social issues. By placing an emphasis on people, ​ZUMU seeks out locations that can bring together different socio-­economic classes, religions and ethnicities and will serve as a symbol of coexistence in each of its locations.

ZUMU seeks to:
- To provide access to contemporary arts and participatory arts education to the children and youth of Israel’s periphery;
- To build channels of access and collaboration between periphery arts organizations and artists and leading Israeli arts professionals and institutions;
- To create accessible, sustainable cultural experiences which cross socio­economic, religious and ethnic divides in Israel.

Main Projects / Activities: 

ZUMU seeks to flip the traditional role of the museum and its participants, inviting each city to become the host of this ambitious and exciting project. In its cargo containers, adapted in order to become art laboratories, especially commissioned artworks will be displayed, inviting people to partake into an adventurous cultural and contemporary art journey.

Besides the museum, ZUMU consists of four sub-projects, which altogether collaborate to enhance local cultural capital and promote coexistence, heritage conservation, artistic creativity and individual empowerment. They are: “Time Capsule”, an on-going documentary of Israel’s periphery, through the digital catalogue of artifacts, brought by the project’s participants from their own homes, which translate into culture and heritage significance; “What’s Your Story”, that works with children, youth and adults in order to develop their writing tools, aiming the production of original stories which will turn into theater plays featuring professional actors; “Community Container”, a designated container which displays local artists’ works, and the “Public Program”, a lively multicultural platform for individuals of all ages, which invites the audience to participate in events and activities connected to multi-disciplinary forms of art and culture expressions.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Given that the path to an inclusive socio-economic development is substantially rooted in culture, which includes diverse value systems, traditions and beliefs, ZUMU acts bringing together different socio-economic classes, religions and ethnicities, providing the space for equal representation of belittled cultures in the Israeli society, serving as a symbol of (and working towards) coexistence.

We believe that ZUMU can strongly contribute to enriching the dialogue about coexistence in Israel, and culture as an essential part of inclusive socio-economic development.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We believe that participating in a forum whose members carry such different experiences and operate in diverse backgrounds can definitely contribute to our learning from their practices, and understand the intrinsec aspects of being a non-profit in Israel. Also, participating in a network with like-minded groups can help us improve our potential to serve more people more effectively.