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Music brings Euro-Arab youth together

Music brings Euro-Arab youth together

“Music goes beyond language. It opens space for communication and dialogue,” Ahmed Remo, the General manager of Karakeeb music band from Egypt said passionately. “Being exposed to different musical backgrounds is such an enriching experience.”

Remo and Karakeeb took part in the Euro-Arab Youth Music Expo end of 2012, organised in Cyprus in partnership with the Anna Lindh Foundation. It brought together over 200 young musicians from over 30 different countries from across the Arab world and Europe for four days of workshops, seminars, open-air public concerts, music labs and more!

“The idea was to connect musicians, to provide them with a stage – physical and virtual – to give them a voice to talk and discuss,” said Nenad Bogdanovic, executive director of Epilogi Cultural Movement, Cyprus – the Expo leading organizer.

He added that project also aimed at providing young musicians with new knowledge about themselves and others “to encourage them to appreciate themselves, their art and profession and therefore to respect the Others and Otherness.”

Remo and Karakeeb band members, whose ages range between 20 and 25 years old, stood as a realization of what Bogdanovic described! Their experience in the Expo pushed them forward on their musical career.
“It’s about dealing with different musical backgrounds and building connections with bands and people we wouldn’t have come across if it wasn’t for the Expo,” Remo stated.

The Euro-Med Youth Music Expo won a grant from the Anna Lindh Foundation in the field of culture as a unique showcase of how civil society is using music as a powerful tool for social change, resolve conflicts, spread knowledge and create awareness. Besides the independent musicians, 24 bands from, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Jordan, Lithuania, Serbia, Sweden and the UK.