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Network Strategic Development Scheme - Step 5 (2012-13)

In the frame of the Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS) and based on the lessons learnt from its previous Steps as well as on the indications of the Network Strategy 2010-11 and of the Network Policy 2012-2014, the NSDS Step 5 marks a fundamental change in its conception, by:

  • Diversifying the operational approach to Networks,
  • Investing more in joint projects among Network members (member to member cooperation),
  • Giving a special role to partnerships with Southern Networks,
  • Rewarding accountability, participation and democracy,
  • Applying a policy of environmental and social responsibility and
  • Practicing dialogue to address common regional challenges.
  • The NSDS Step 5 is structured in two components, corresponding to the two fundamental needs of Network development:

Component One (C1): Coordination and Services; and

Component Two (C2): Common Actions.

In a few bullet points:

  • What Coordination and Services (C1) are: the term “Coordination and Services” mainly refers to functions of coordination, information dissemination, technical support and consultation of each ALF National Network and including the organization of (at least 2) Network Meetings and Capacity Building activities.
  • What Common Actions (C2) are: Common Actions can be defined as a single activity or programme of several actions built upon the social and cultural diversity specific to each country and implemented by a consortium (partnership) of members from the same ALF National Network.
  • Who is responsible for the implementation of the Step 5 at national level: the local coordination of the two Step 5 components (C1 and C2) has been entrusted to the Head of Network institution or to a Network member (through an open Call) in each country.
  • What are the funds allocated to each National Network: the total Step 5 budget for the period 2012-2013 amounts to 1.3 million Euros. The contribution allocated to each Network is based on the size of the country and the geographical distribution of the Network members (for Component One), and on the size of the relevant Network (for Component Two).
  • Please click here to download the invitation to tender for the NSDS Step V (deadline to submit application 06 February 2012).

For more information, you can visit the mini website of each ALF National Network or contact us at nsds.applications@bibalex.org.