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ALF B&H Executive Board meeting, Tuzla, June 9th. 2017.

ALF B&H Executive Board meeting

Ath the first day, before ALF B&H 9th. Meeting started, the ALF B&H Executive board meeting was organized. EB meting started at 11:00 in the premises of the hotel Rudar Tuzla. At the meeting participated five of seven EB members. EB work at the following: Adopting report of the last meeting of the Board, Adopting report of the Coordinator of ALF BiH on the work of the office and Network in the previous period.

Some of the ALF B&H EB conclusions were:

1. To start an initiative for the establishment of ALF Network in Serbia. At the following period this initiative will be addressed to all ALF networks as well as to the ALF Secretariat in Alexandria. General Office of ALF Network B&H is obligated to implement this initiative as soon as possible.

2. Unanimously adopted report on the work of the Coordinator of ALF B&H about work of network's Office in the past period, October 2015 - June 2017 and  ALF work plan for the period by the end of 2017. In this framework activities of ALF Network B&H will take place.

3. Official stand of the Board of ALF Network B&H taken about future selection of representatives from BiH for international representation of ALF member from B&H. It will be necessarily to take into account a recommendation of General Office of ALF B&H, which has not been the case by now.

4. By the initiative of Mr. Ibrahim Spahic, EB adopted a new initiative for  establishment of "Council for cooperation and international cooperation" that will consist of 5-7 members, older than 45 years, representing both sexes, representing all parts of B&H citizens, with experience of 10+ in diplomacy and international relations to help developing ALF network in next year with their reputation and contacts. Mr. Spahic volunteered to submit the names of people for this body by the next meeting of ALF B&H.

5. After identified problems in financing the work of ALF Network B&H, it was decided that in future network applies to the open calls and other donors who support the work and capacity-building of networks of civil society organizations. Adopted by the information that PRONI Center, in cooperation with the Office applied for TASCO public call for networks support in 2016, but not successfully. During this and the following year it was decided that the ALF Network B&H applies for EU calls and other donors such as the Peace Nexus. Members of the Board, Haris Halilhodzic and Jasmin Jasarevic will, in cooperation with General Office of ALF B&H will be responsible for monitoring and applying to public calls.

6. It was decided that HoN ALF B&H, Miralem Tursinovic and EB ALF B&H president, Jasmin Jasarevic arrange a meeting in Sarajevo in order to establish cooperation with the relevant B&H Ministry (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) so that ALF network B&H gets institutional parter in B&H as well as meeting with the EU delegation in B&H to discuss issues related to VAT for approved ALF projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and eventually finding a solution to problem that organizations - beneficiaries of ALF funds in B&H face.

7. Board also adopted the recommendation that the organizations from B&H that participated as partners in the projects of other ALF should be invited a member of ALF Network BiH.