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Intercultural Dialogue on Migration and working with newcomers in the Nordic Region

On 25-26 August, about 40 members from the ALF Nordic Networks, namely Denmark, Finland and Sweden gathered in Malmö for an interactive seminar on migration and working with new comers. The seminar which was organised with the support of the ALF, the European Union and the Swedish Foreign Department was an important continuation of the Nordic co-operation that was established in 2015.

The two days included sharing of good practices and three workshops on: Intercultural communication and diversity management workshop delivered by Patrick Gruzckun from samarbetsbolaget, Well-being and integration: Resilience from Inside Out workshop delivered by Sari Scheinberg and Cecile Marsille from Recomate – Action Research Centre and Facilitated Networking delivered by Karin Bruce from LärOlika. The three workshops each contributed with different elements.

Through the Intercultural communication and diversity management workshop, the participants became more aware of their own approaches and think patterns – useful skills in all dialogue work and in particular when working with Intercultural Dialogue and new comers.

The second workshop focused on well-being and integration. It highlighted how the importance of a new comer’s well-being leads to a successful integration. This discussion ended up for many participants rather bringer awareness to the importance of their own well-being at work. This was a non-identified need but turned out to be a very important added value as most of the participants had a need to discuss work load and how to stay happy when working with challenging topic – in often hectic environments.

Thirdly, the facilitated networking opened the eyes for the importance of conscious networking – through guided exercises, the participants became more aware of who to network in a constructive and focused way.

On the second day, we had sharing of good practices by members from the Swedish and Danish networks. And, the seminar was concluded by introducing the Award-winning game Imagine: The Migrants Journey Istanbul developed by our member in Simrishamn bMECTE and Impact United in collaboration with Systems and Generation organisation in Ankara. 

The seminar proved an important opportunity for the member organizations to network and exchange experiences. The three workshops furthermore ensured that the participants left the 2-day seminar with new knowledge and concrete inspiration about how to work with refugees and other new comers.