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600 Euro-Med citizens work together to promote Intercultural Dialogue and face the region’s current challenges

Sun, 22/10/2017 - 12:23 -- Haitham Samy

60 Partnerships established through 7 Projects in more than 7 Cities

In August – September 2017, 28 Head of Networks (HoN) organisations partnered to implement, together, 7 projects in more than 7 cities focusing on: (1) Education for intercultural citizenship (2) the importance of artistic expression in fragile areas such as war zones, refugees camps and marginalized regions, (3) building new partnerships, (4) intercultural cities, (5) creative and social entrepreneurship, (6) women empowerment and (7) awareness campaigns. Consequently, The ALF National Networks established 60 partnerships that contributed in the realisation of these projects. The projects gathered more than 600 participants including: young leaders, civil society actors, policy makers, politicians, municipal representatives, experts and media.
In addition, Aliki Moschis, Teresa Bean and Konrad Pedziwiatr, authors of the 3rd Edition of the Anna Lindh Report on Intercultural Trend,  actively participated in 3 projects, in Ljubljana, Athens and Olomouc, to present the Report’s Survey results carried out by Ipsos Mori.

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