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ALF’s Networks In Action: Anna Lindh Network Days For Intercultural Citizenship Education

Mon, 28/08/2017 - 11:32 -- Rana Elsadek

Connecting Networks members from Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Morocco, Poland, Sweden, Tunisia and Turkey

70 civil society actors, teachers, youth workers and educators from nine countries are gathered in Helsinki (Finland) to participate in the Anna Lindh Network Days For Intercultural Citizenship Education.

The event started with a Forum (26-27 August) were participants discussed the strategic results of the Anna Lindh MED FORUM 2016 in Malta including panel discussions on intersectional identities and education, and the role of civil society in fostering intercultural learning. In addition, interactive workshops were put in place to allow the participants to share their ideas and best practices on fighting hate speech and extremism, encouraging language learning as a tool for intercultural dialogue and highlighting the power of arts in education.

A training, taking place on 28-31 August, is dedicated to 22 actors from both formal and non-formal education sectors in the Euro-Med region. It is carried out by a pool of trainers who experts in the field of intercultural education. The training will rely on the capacity building methodology presented in the Anna Lindh Foundation Education Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship in the Euro-Med region.

The event is organized by the Anna Lindh Finnish Network and the Finnish Institute in the Middle East with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation and in cooperation with Danmission Middle East (Denmark), International Cultural Centre in Kraków (Poland), Centre International de Coopération Sud Nord (Morocco), We Love Sousse (Tunisia), National Museums of World Culture - Statens Museer för Världskultur (Sweden), Estonian School of Diplomacy (Estonia), Goethe-Institut e. V. Germany & ZAK - Centre for Cultural and General Studies (Germany) and S&G System and Generation Association (Turkey).

The Event's full programme

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The ALF Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship in the Euro-Med region