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Italy prepares new visibility cooperation with the Anna Lindh Foundation

Thu, 26/03/2015 - 07:59 -- Press Office

Rome, 26 March 2015. “Visibility must be a strategic priority for an institution aiming to bring regional dialogue to the people at large” underlined the newly appointed Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Ambassador Hatem Atallah, at a meeting of the Foundation’s Network in Italy. Director Atallah was attending a meeting with Network members hosted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome on the eve of his first international mission to Malta.

The Italian government is proposing to invest in hosting and upgrading the annual meeting of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Advisory Council, the strategic body responsible for advising the institution’s Board, Executive Director and Networks on policy orientations. This follows last year’s Italian Presidency of the EU, and the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Foundation in Naples, which underlined the importance of leveraging the visibility of regional dialogue at the level of European public opinion.

On the eve of its new programme phase, the Anna Lindh Foundation is also looking to deepen its cooperation with Italy-based regional network “COPEAM” which brings together leading media bodies from across Europe and the Mediterranean.