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The Network Support Scheme is launched

Sat, 12/04/2008 - 02:00 -- admin

On 14 April 2008, the Anna Lindh Foundation has launched the Network Support Scheme with the aim of giving the Heads of National Network a real opportunity to present the vision of their network, of their role as a coordinating body, and the future role of the Foundation in supporting the reinforcement of National Networks.


As per our Statutes, the Foundation “shall function as a network of networks” bringing together active institutions and organizations willing to merge their efforts towards the achievement of a better understanding in the Euro-Med Region. In the last three years, the network of networks has grown rapidly reaching over 1600 members. This high speed growth has made it inevitable for the Heads of Network to look for funding sources in order to be able to coordinate and mobilize members.


Therefore, the Foundation has launched a two-steps Network Support Scheme aimed at helping the Heads of National Networks in building and consolidating their network around a common action and vision. This Scheme will indeed give the Heads of Network the material conditions to deliver essential services to their network and to be actively engaged in the mobilization, development and improvement of the cohesion of the network. The Heads of Network will have to present a six-months Network Development and Action Plan, which shall be elaborated through the full and comprehensive involvement of member organizations.


The Foundation seeks to support the National Networks in building strategies for the promotion of intercultural dialogue through common actions and initiatives, either between member organizations of the same National Network or between several National Networks.


The essential services the Heads of Network will deliver are:

  1. Represent and promote the Anna Lindh Foundation and its message;
  2. Apply Strategic planning, project performance evaluation, and consultation;
  3. Invest in the Network identity, diversifying Network fields of interest and ensuring a balanced geographical distribution of members;
  4. Mobilize the Network and create cohesion, activate synergies and cooperation between the member organisations;
  5. Raise the project development capacity of the Network;
  6. Build strategic partnerships and diversify the sources of funding and grants;
  7. Build an information policy for member organisations.