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Young Arab artists in Amman for Dawrak’s Arts for Change training

Sun, 02/03/2014 - 14:04 -- Doaa Soliman
Young Arab artists in Amman for Dawrak’s Arts for Change training

Under the patronage of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, the Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Union Delegation in cooperation with the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, Head of the Jordanian Network, inaugurated on March 1st the “Arts for Change” training, which runs in Amman until March 6th.

The inauguration session took place with the presence of Ambassador Joanna Wronecka, Head of the EU delegation in Amman, His Excellency Michel Hamarneh, director of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies representing HRH prince El Hassan bin Talal, Andreu Claret , the Executive Director of the Anna Lindh foundation and more than 50 participants from 9 Arab countries from around the Mediterranean plus other press and media representatives.

The training, which comes as part of Dawrak Programme, aims to build the capacity of 50 young Arab cultural operators and artists through teaching advocacy, leadership and management skills, plus supporting artistic collaboration among program participants and connect them with wider cultural networks on the regional and international levels.

In her opening remarks, Ambassador Wronecka emphasised on the EU support for the idea of intercultural dialogue saying: “The European Union is always supporting creativity because it develops the cultural identity, we pay much attention for building new cultural partnerships as a result of such training events”.

From his side, Hamarneh on behalf of HRH Prince Hassan said: “We are in great need of an arts-infused discourse and dialogue, both within this region and with our exchanges with others. The arts provide a medium for active participation in society that is both a right and responsibility of citizens. This form of civic engagement draws people together, generates contemplation and conversation, and makes us aware of our shared humanity”.

Mr. Hamarneh also used quotes of his Majesty King Abdullah: “Where there is conflict, dialogue can bring peace. Where there is peace, dialogue can bring harmony. Where there is harmony, dialogue can bring friendship. And where there is friendship, dialogue can bring joint, beneficial action”.

Meanwhile, Claret stressed on the role of civil society saying:  “The role of civil society is on the rise everywhere and particularly in the Arab countries, and the ALF launched Dawrak programme to respond to the expectations and needs of the civil society. Art is playing and increasing role in social change and intercultural dialogue, and in the Arab countries artists and cultural activists have been at the forefront of the changes taking place. Cultural creativity appears as a critical indicator of social vitality and could affect social and cultural changes. This meeting is aimed at leveraging the potential of arts to contribute to building open and plural societies”.

As part of the broader Dawrak, the Arts for Change component aims to support a prominent role for cultural expression and dialogue as part of the ongoing social and political discourses developing in the Arab region, to improve access to culture across diverse Arab communities, and to enable young Arab cultural operators to effectively increase the social impact of their work through advocacy and outreach.