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Young Arab Voices
Organisation Description: 

to increase young people’s skills for public debate
to provide platforms for youth from diverse backgrounds to meet and exchange views
to enrich the pluralistic democratic dialogue existing in the Arab world.

Good Practice: 

I would like to present the project of " UK Young Arab Voices week "
- it is a project that gather youth debaters from the Arab world to spread the culture of debate and dialogue,
- every year a new topic is being discussed and pros and cons about it are presented
- this project trains debaters on how to build their logical arguments, how to refute opponents' arguments
- participants once they return to national networks share this experience with other members

Project Idea: 

Visit North Jordan is a small project that I run with two of my friends,although we just started but the feedback from tourists was incredible
It promotes a new style of tourism that is not present in Jordan
We offer a new experience in which tourists are able to meet locals and spend one or two days in the northern rural areas of Jordan which is the best place in Jordan in terms of nature, fresh air and quietness

tourists who came and spent time with us were fascinated and said that they never knew anything about the history or nature in Jordan maybe because no one tried before,this project promotes intercultural dialogue and shows the tourists many hidden sides of the lives of locals that they never saw