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omar alashoush

All Jordan Youth Commission/ King Abdullah II Fund for Development
Organisation Description: 

aims to provide a platform from which interacts young people with the policies and programs in the local development to promote the spirit of volunteerism and Raising the awareness of young people in the social political challengs

Good Practice: 

The project helped to promote understanding and enrich the culture of dialogue in the city and reinforced to improve mutual perceptions and promote mutual understanding between young people and to promote dialogue between cultures at the grass and civil institutions through the implementation of civil society initiatives and achieved growth of civil society organizations and networks in achieving common for Youth Work targets, and debates project contributed to the development of young people intellectually and promoted cultural and intellectual conditions community and political dialogue concepts and open the way for young people to express their opinions and freedoms without limitation .

Project Idea: 

To highlight the creations and talent in the Euro-Mediterranean countries and promote the concepts of T. joint dialogue and connect the meanings of homogeneity, geographical diversity and multiculturalism countries suggest the launch of an international award for the network of State and civil society institutions in the article and the short story, painting, photography fields and the best volunteer team and the best debate Dialogic so encourage young people in the countries of the region diagnose problems and challenges and put the right solutions in various issues, including the idea of creative encounters permanently among young people and to promote the stories Nhah successful international initiatives .