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Winners of the 2013 Edition

The winners of the 2013 edition of the ‘Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award’ were presented by the International Award Jury at a ceremony that took place for the very first time in the premises of the Thomson Reuters Foundation in London and brought together media and civil society representatives from across the two shores of the Mediterranean region.

Syria took central stage at the Award Ceremony for this edition of the Journalist Award, with 2 of the 5 Prizes bestowed in recognition of distinguished reporting on and from Syria. The International Jury, chaired by renowned TV journalist Tim Sebastian, also underlined the crucial impact of reporting on Syria in relation to the wider regional media agenda, and praised the courage of those journalists who continue to risk their lives to expose the reality of the situation on the ground in Syria.

The official winners of the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award 2013 are:

  • Special Award 2013: Basma Atassi, Syrian journalist, for her piece “Drawing hope in Syria” in Al Jazeera English.
  • Press Category: Lebanese journalist Rania Abouzeid for her piece in the New Yorker on the situation in Syria “A black Flag and a Cup of Coffee in Raqqa”, which also won the Jury’s Recognition as an Outstanding Piece of Work.
  • New Media: This was given to Sout El Shabab/La voix des jeunes, from France, with recognition also given to Mairav Zonszein from Israel.
  • Radio Category: Hayam Hassan, from Palestine, won the Award for her piece in the BBC “Slavery in Mauritania”.
  • TV Category: Leila Ghandi from Morocco won the TV Award for her “Leila Ghandi in Palestine” piece on 2M TV.

The international jury of the 2013 Edition was chaired by renowned TV journalist Tim Sebastian and was comprised of leading media professionals, including: Edgar Morin (France) Philosopher and sociologist; El-Emary (Egypt) from Ashuruk;  Pier Luigi Malesani (Italy) from COPEAM; Adel Altoraifi (Saudi Arabia) from Ashark Al Awsat; Robert Parsons (UK) from France24; Gisel Khoury (Lebanon) from Samir Kassir Foundation; and Rima Marrouch (Syria) of NPR and a former Journalist Award winner;  in addition to ALF President, André Azoulay, who presides the overall Award, and ALF Executive Director, Andreu Claret, acting as Secretary to the Jury.