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Tareq AlBanna

Fares Al Arab for Development & Charity works
Organisation Description: 

Fares Al Arab works in two domains, Development & Charity works Development in ( youth - women - Child ) sectors Charity ( Humanitarian and emergency interventions )

Good Practice: 

I would like to share a good practice of Economic empowerment for affected women project according to the great successful results of project. The objective of the project is to Improve the economic situation of 20 women affected by the last war on Gaza 2014 and lose their small projects due the destruction. The most important lesson learn is this kind of project give the beneficiaries great support to improve their economic & social situation and we follow up by help them solve the obstacles.

Project Idea: 

organization at this time is seeking to expand work in economic empowerment sector to include youth leadership, women heads of families and owners of creative ideas and take advantage of the surrounding experiments both in the West Bank, neighboring countries or European countries by showing the success of other projects owned by youth to contribute in the improvement and develop of their work and get the financial and technical support which helped them launch projects and achieve its objectives and improve the economic and social status. The exchange of experiences between the beneficiaries in several areas contributes to give them prospect to think more broadly and more creativity to start projects achieve their desired objectives.